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I have had the worst luck with finding bloggers out there representing the dyslexic side of things. Why is that? It’s not that dyslexics (and other associated LDs) can’t express themselves. We certainly can and will. It’s a hard thing to live with, at least with no support. But there’s no reason why we can’t support each other on the web. Learn how to live with it, how to deal with the questions we may have daily and see what answers there may be. (Not “cures”, I doubt any cures exist. I don’t know if it’s something to BE cured. But until I know, I’m not going to treat it like a disease, but like a part of me.)

Every day (many times a day) I do things that frustrate myself and others. I forget something someone has said, have no memory of an assignment, misspell everything in sight, mix up important numbers… And I’m starting to ask myself (and my God) WHY? Why would anyone have this? Why should this be my life? How can this possibly be useful? How can I make a difference with this? How can I learn to cope with it? Will I ever EVER be organized? Will I ever learn to like myself in spite of my supposed “deficiencies”?

I don’t know.

And don’t feed me lines about “pray and it’ll all be better”. I know what prayer can do, and I happen to believe in it and the power it holds and the amazing things I believe God can do. But I’ve heard far too often that if you just pray, God will make it all better. No He won’t. ‘Cause if He did there’d be no growing, no learning, no progress. I know better than that. God is no pansy and no genie. And if He was, I wouldn’t go near Him. Life may be hard the “long way around”, but life IS, in fact Hard.

But God is still Good. And He will take care of us. All this frustration will be for the good in the end.

– Sarah