What a weekend! My dh and I took the youth group to a youth rally this weekend with 1,700 teenagers…can you say sensory overload? We’re so tired, but rather encouraged from the speakers and singing and just spending a weekend with “our kids”.

This weekend the theme of Faith vs. Fear kept coming up along with Luke 8:22-39. As I started to think through fear and what it does to us and our faith I remembered this clip from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( I love Buffy and the Scooby Gang, but even if you don’t this clip is illustrates what I’m talking about perfectly!)

Go to minute 4:32 and watch until the end ( And the deliberately dramatic IS supposed to be funny, go ahead and laugh!)

How often are our fears just like Fear shown here? A lot of noise, a lot of worry, time and energy consuming… but then it all turns out to be just noise, and not actually worth what you gave up? Or, try this one- how often have your fears STOPPED you from doing something, whether or not they were valid or even likely? I’m guilty of that one more frequently than I’ll admit to myself. Something to think about and be aware of as you go about your week, another filter to put on your thoughts- am I doing this because I’m afraid of something? Of failing, of succeeding, of what people will think, of… *fill in the blank here*

Fear strips us of opportunity and others of the benefits that would’ve resulted from our efforts.

I’d like to direct you to an incredible project started by a family who has overcome their fears (or at least willing to work despite them) called The Mercy House Kenya. If you remember my recent post on materialism vs. contentedness– I referenced Kristen‘s trip to Africa and how much it changed her and how infectious that change of heart can be. I have been inspired by them and have begun trying to share that inspiration with others. My dh & I have been discussing ways to get the word and out projects that we can do to help donate to this cause. Please, pray about this and spread the word. They also have a great etsy shop where you can purchase something for yourself (or for someone else, we’re planning to purchase necklaces for the women in our families for Christmas!)

This woman and her family have great faith- I am so proud of them and a little in awe of their effort. I am so excited for their work and for the good that is going to come out of it!