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For this Works for me Wednesday I’ve been asked for tips to help with Speed Math Problems. I was at first very excited- and then a little terrified. I STILL have problems with doing match quickly, is there any way I can help? After some looking I decided- yes! I can at least provide a few answers and then see what works from you, dear readers! (This is also in spite of having both my Hard drive and 2 external hard drives crash this week. So I’m pretty proud of what research I managed to re-search for today.)

My favorite math-game resource has been They have Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division sections – with a variety of games, each game listed under each math function. So if, for instance, the Windows Wash Up Addition game works well for your student, then they can use the same game for Subtraction or Multiplication!

My favorite games were:

Windows Wash Up: Time is not a factor, but it’s good for ingraining quick recall of math facts and can have a nice rhythm to it. Every 8 levels the student can choose an “upgrade” which gives a sense of accomplishment. Also, Wrong answers are taken away, which I like.
(Oh and also, the ones that take you longer come back until you can do it quickly. So by the end you know them all, just like flash cards.)

Puny Pet Shop: Time not a factor, 5 levels with a cute set up. Wrong answers taken away.

Wade’s Workout! Again, good rhythm, time not a factor. 10 misses allowed. Wrong answer not taken away.

The Ants Go Marching: Time factor- about 11 seconds until the Ant gets your food. So a little pressure, but not bad. Also a little bar on the side that decreases every time you get an answer wrong. Kind of a random game tacked on to the end as well.

The Edgemoore Tournament: Ok, so this is my favorite just because I like the idea. 3 levels. 2 of archery where the faster your response time, the more points scored per shot and a score of 200 is needed to reach the next level. The third level is chickens- the question is displayed and you have to “catch the correct chicken” to answer it. Cute. (Other games such as the Baxely Bear feature this, but in such a way where it’s a time crunch. If you don’t get the chicken it’s first time through, it will come through again.)

Also, there are Quizes and Pretests that can be done on the website (not just to print off) which when completed will display your time and score. They appear in all functions and by number, the pretests being numbers/ families 1-9 in that function.

For learning new math functions I recommend following their logic as much as possible. By that I mean- if they tell a story about WHY something works a certain way, as long as their story doesn’t leave out any of the rules, let them. (I didn’t understand adding nines until I came up with the explanation that nine is a corrupt adviser to the number ten. Sounds silly, but I still think of it when I’m adding a nine.) If they are very tactile learners – use play dough or beads to represent numbers. If visual use number lines, colors, pictures to represent the ideas.

As with teaching dyslexic students in any area- always show patience with them. Don’t make it a big deal if they are having trouble, don’t stress consequences for not learning it or a deadline. (It will lock us up and make us afraid of failure.) Take breaks if they are feeling frustrated and change subjects or tactics. Support and love your brilliant dyslexic student- they may not be getting this, but they are very smart and that’s ok.

That’s what works for me. 🙂

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