Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a Blog Novice.

I would like to graduate from that rank as soon as I can – but I appreciate that while I’m here I’m allowed to make a few more mistakes (I hope!) I know there’s a few of you fellow bloggers that fall into this category, too, so I thought I’d share what I’ve gleaned thus far and ask for your input as well!

My Findings:

– I find keeping a TextEdit file on my desktop with just a list of ideas helps me. I sit and I brainstorm when I can and now have a hefty list of ideas for the coming weeks!

– I’ve really been digging into researching my topic! This is a great way to both expand your topic pool, but create a series of posts-to-be and your awareness of your topic! (I didn’t know before this week that October will be Dyslexic Awareness Month! Shame on me for not knowing this sooner, I suppose. But as I started this blog with the twofold purpose of helping others and coming to terms with my own learning disabilities, I think I can forgive myself this year.)

Comment, Comment, Comment on other people’s blogs! You’ll be surprised by how much they appreciate it! (Lurkers, Listen up!) Even if the post is “old”, comment! They’ll still squeal a bit with excitement (I think. Does anyone else do that besides me?)

SITS Girls! Ladies, go here! This is going to be a great resource for those of us who are still starting out! Take advantage of their Blogging Tips Section – I was stunned by the things I did not know!

– Along the same lines : Daily Blog Tips.com is a great resource with tons of articles, “How To” helps and more that range from Making Money from your blog to just making your blog a better place! Check it out!

And now… what are your thoughts? Favorite Resources or tricks or the one thing you were glad you did with your blog? This is not just for Novices, this is for old pros AND Non-Blogging Lurkers! (You are the readership, what you look for and what you hate matters!)

Looking forward to reading the comments!

– Sarah