Greetings, beloved readers! I am having a marvelous fall day and I hope you are, too! I’ve been deep into research mode prepping for our Awesome October month, lining up guest bloggers AND cleaning my house! (I’m extremely proud of this! For the first time since we got married we finally had a few evenings to dig really deep and restore it to almost-company-worthy conditions!)

I’m going to give you a few fun links and be on my way- back to prepping for company (company! *gasp* It almost sounds like I have a life!) and picking up several books to continue the aforementioned researching!

(Warning: the content of these links is silly and/or cute and will make you smile. You have been warned.)

First- An example of how (adorablely) creative children are over at Birthing Beautiful Ideas

Second- Over at Luqman’s Dyslexia Blog there’s a very funny poem about The English Language

And last, a humorous moment between Dooce and her eldest.

Thank you guys- I have somehow recieved 50+ views on Percy Jackson and the Learning Disability and I couldn’t me more flabbergasted or grateful! Ya’ll rock, seriously! If you’re reading and haven’t commented yet, please do!

Love from,

Your Dedicated Dysblogger