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Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. It’s SUPER zippy-fast. I always forget how much zippier it is and then I use a Windows machine and suddenly feel like I’m watching a rock erode. Seriously.

2. No viruses!

3. Easier to work on! I am (randomly, I’ll admit) a computer tech at my college, so I see alot of computers every day. Taking apart and re-assembling a mac is no sweat. They’re easy and they make so much sense- even a dyslexic girl can put it back together!

4. It’s so pretty! Sharp, lovely graphics everywhere and VERY customizable!

5. Easy to navigate! I tend to get lost on Windows machines, even after I grew up on them. (Sorry, Dad!) BUT my Mac is easy to Navigate- almost everything being represented by pictures instead of just words. (Great for Dyslexics, btw!)

6. As jypiddy pointed out on his blog post “Dyslexics need to be on a Mac” – Mac has a built-in text-to-speech program. I set mine up to read to me when I click Command+1 VERY useful for the student who needs help proofreading papers!

7. Simple commands. Command + Letter. Command+S (Save) Command+N (New) … everything is that way. I love how much time it saves me! It’s also a system I can remember very easily. (I know Windows has some such shortcuts, but I don’t think they work in every program.)

8. Spell check 24/7. Maybe your windows does it, but when I was using Windows it wasn’t doing spell check in every application. I love this- it saves me a lot of embarrassment!

9. The computer itself has lots of nifty features- from awesome battery life to the new MBP’s super-trackpad (I can twirl my fingers and spin a picture, enlarge text with a motion…it’s great!)

10. The Tenth Reason I love my mac isn’t because of how pretty it is or all of it’s features…but it makes me feel like I have power to do things. It doesn’t control me, it’s not a mystery to me, it is easy and accessible to me. Part of that may be the whole “Tech” thing, but I don’t think that’s all of it. It’s simply the way the machine is built- to be a confidence booster and to make everything possible.