Ah… Dyslexia. My constant companion. Been having the hardest time copying things down today. Just wrote this in my creation writing class.

“Initially, poetry might be definied as a kind of language that says more and says it more inensely than does ordinary langauage.”

And it frustrates me when I have to focus SO hard to type anything. I’ll admit it.

Here’s another confession: There is also some frustration over not being able to submit a typed “writer’s journal” for this class. I find it quite a bit easier to just type out my ideas, if a computer is available to me. However, when I last turned in this writer’s journal it was in typed format and I was told it was the only time I could do so. I have not turned it in yet this week (it is now overdue) because it would mean copying down what little I have… but I honestly didn’t finish my entries because I didn’t feel like writing that much.

It’s not just an elementary school problem… it’s life-long. I know I’ll probably have to talk to the teacher to preserve my grade… but I don’t want to because I’m so very, deeply embarrassed to have work undone. My standards have been violated (through my own inaction.) and now I find it hard to speak up and work something out. I say this even knowing there are measures in place that I might can take advantage of. I think they state that I am allowed to submit work in typed-up format, that I’m allowed to sometimes have extensions… but I don’t know where the line is, when to call in those measures. I’m embarrassed, ashamed. I’ll probably receive a bad grade on this assignment- but the shame outweighs that most of the time.

Parents: this is something your child my struggle with. Because I sure do.

Dyslexics: if this is something you struggle with, too- YOU’RE not alone.