Mute Monday? Wordless Wednesday? Something like that… except with words. This time. Will have to start doing them without words because I think that’s supposed to be the point, right?

Been playing with my newest toy- a GE X5 Pro Series Camera that my wonderful husband bought for me a few weeks ago! From all of my vast(ly limited) camera experience I’ve come to understand it operates much like a digital SLR, but is priced like a Point-and-Shoot! LOVE it. It makes me feel talented and professional even though I have absolutely no professional experience and limited amateur experience. In fact- I took some pictures at a little girl’s birthday party on Saturday and gave her mom a CD of my best 100ish (out of 200). THEN the mom turns around and asks me if I’d be willing to take- get this- portraits of their family this fall.


So- this photography thing has been a wonderful confidence-booster for me! Here are of my few favorite shots thus far… and remember, this is with no experience whatsoever, so if you hate them, blame the inexperience. If you love them, praise me! 😀

ALSO- writing a short story featuring dyslexia for my Creative Writing class. Very fun, very cathartic and a nice way of taking people inside the head of a dyslexic! Pretty excited about it… I will be keeping you posted, but it’ll probably never see the light of day (outside of my class and teacher, who all have to see it.) Perhaps it’ll lead to a children’s book someday, though… you never know.

One more picture and I’ll leave ya’ll alone!

Signing off,