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I found, back in my dorm days- that everyone has their own unique, diverse and downright strange methods for dealing with stress. My roommate blows bubbles for about 30 minutes when stressed. Many others ran out for 11pm McDonald’s runs (yes, sometimes yours truly, I’ll confess! $1 Drinks were definitely a bargain!) My preferred method was coloring. Yes, You heard me.

Coloring. Works surprisingly well, too! I’d forgotten all about this method when, cleaning my house, I stumbled across the Princess coloring book and crayons I’d bought myself. I’ve gotten back into the habit of late – keeping my colors and coloring book nearby to work out any stress and/ or allow myself to mull over a project or test coming up.

Want to see some of my latest projects?

Of course you do!

First time I did my favorite hair color- golden-red 🙂

Purple Girl (tonight)

I love this one- She’s just majestic!

Golden-Red Hair again

Aaand Again. (Are you seeing a theme?)
This one’s my favorite to date- I did it just a few minutes before posting this and was the inspiration for this post, in fact!

So, Coloring! That’s what works for me- Coloring during my favorite TV shows (Doctor Who, anyone?) It makes me feel creative, productive and gives the word-parts of my brain a chance to take a break! The color and image side takes over and everything gets a bit of a break. I usually only do one or two at a time- I did three tonight, which is a lot for me, but I was on a role!

What frivilous (keyword here: frivolous!) thing do you or yours do when stressed or you need to just unwind from the day?