Another incentive to stand up for what you are passionate about. This poor bat was getting poked and prodded by students today. I stopped and made a fool of myself and was late for a class and did everything in my power to keep him from getting messed with. Because I stopped and contacted a faculty member with a friend, this bat has a happy ending. (My friend went to get the faculty member while I went to class.)

I was just sent this:

“Dr.Butterfield came over with a jar and caught it and then took it over to the big field in front of BK and made it fly, it flew to the big tree first and latched on and then was coaxed off and took off and flew all the way towards the front of BK and it looks like got in a tree over there, the bat should be left in peace now. ”

Makes my Day

In other news: I’ll be gone starting tomorrow on a trip that takes me, first, by a Dyslexia forum in Murphressboro, TN. I’m pretty excited and will hopefully be posting my findings later this weekend or Tuesday.