Ok, November. So- historically, we’ve not gotten along very well. I don’t want to go into that (in fact, EVERY time you come knocking I try very hard to be polite and NOT remember our disagreements.) But seriously, monthly stuff AND a wasp sting (at 10pm at night) and SO soon into the month? We’ve got to reconcile. And  very soon, please- I’m expecting a lot of good, new things this month!

Now, that aside. In Dyslexic news: No Ordinary Family. Have you heard of this yet? The first 5 episodes are on Hulu and I’ve really enjoyed them thus far. Cute, Superhero-y and family positive. ( Ordinary family is in a plane crash together and comes out of it with Superpowers.)

ALSO (this would be the dyslexic news part) it is mentioned that the son has a learning disability from episode 1. Now, the first words out of my mouth were, admittedly, “PLEASE tell me they don’t just “cure” his learning disability.” And in my opinion, they don’t. To me, they turn that learning disability around in a good way. He goes from struggling with math to everything being mathematical and visual and outside the box.

See for yourself:

Coming Soon- Nanowrimo post!

(P.S. While I do like the show for the moment, I will put an advisory on it- not for preteens or young teenagers. The parents are (adorably, imo) involved with each other a few times and the kids both use objectionable words here and there. /Advisory)