Every time I hear people say what they’re thankful for I think of Maria and the Sound of Music. For your enrichment, I have included the song here:

So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? So many things- my family and being able to spend a week with them after months of being apart. My husband- how wonderful it is to be married to him for nearly 6 months. My education- how much better my life has been because my mom dared to fight for me in a school system that wanted to push me aside.

Speaking of which- my mom has a post for me to put up a week from now detailing her experiences coping with my dyslexia. I read her rough draft tonight and am very excited about it! I’m more thankful than ever that she took the actions she did to take care of my education. She went above and beyond the normal lengths and I have greatly benefited from it.

Thank you moms and readers who read this blog to be informed, to be encouraged and to help their children be successful. I am thankful for you!