1. “So if everyone would pass up their *Super Important Project/Paper/Assignment* we’ll get started with class!”

“…. WHAT?”

2. “I used to have some shoes….” Or, as a good friend of mine says, “Once upon a time…there was a princess who had some shoes….”

3. “Oh no!” (Object. Usually of great importance, or one I will receive a fine for not having.)

4. “Wait… what’s today’s date??” (Usually when I needed to be somewhere or do something)

5. “No, you didn’t say that. You said _____” (Insert something opposite to what was actually said or decided here.)

6. “I never said that!” (Closely related to #5. Turns out that I often did say that exact thing.)

7. “I’m so sorry, I forgot!” (Said so many times in a day it gets old. But still true.)

8. “Just give me a second…” (Usually followed by an hour or more of goofing off during which I forget all about the promised activity.)

9. “AAAARG!” (*This is the sound of being overwhelmed by forgotten activities, appointments, promises and confused instructions*)

10. “Thank you so much.” (Said frequently, but not frequently enough, to those around me who support me no matter what and who help me be a better person every day.)

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