Tonight, as I stood with a blanket wrapped around me to ward off the cold while a group of friends huddled around our flat tire, I took a few minutes to reflect on how fortunate I have been over the years. Whenever we’ve been in a desperate situation there has been someone ready to bail us out or give us a hand. I want to recognize some of those people and situations in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

(In no particular order)

Tonight: Flat tire on the side of the road in 24 degree weather. We made a phone call and within ten minutes we had friends helping us fit our donut on so we could get home.

– One Year ago: Two flat tires on the side of the road, in the rain, no cell phone signal, in front of a creepy barn. The same friend, James, came to help us limp down the road to his house. He took me home and he eventually got a second compatible donut for the car. (Also, that night we acquired our adorable Maltese from him! More on him in another post, though!)

One Year Ago: I got snowed in at my (then) fiancee’s house and was unable to return to the dorm. One phone call later and I had a warm bed down the street at Sue’s house for that night and the next.

One and a Half Years ago: I had finished my Summer Short Course at the school and was paying too much to stay in the dorm. Sue offered me her hospitality (even though she had never met me) for the two months until school resumed.

– Fourteen Years Ago, Utah: After being stuck in traffic for two hours, our kindly taxi cab driver in Salt Lake City turned off the fare meeter and restarted it closer to our destination. Saved us alot of money and gave us a great boost in morale.

Fourteen Years Ago, Utah: There’s a town called Helper, Utah that is the last stop for three hours before crossing the Colorado boarder and encountering civilization. My Aunt left her purse in a gas station there. We only discovered the mis-hap three hours down the road at the next gas stop. Fortunately when we called we discovered they had put the purse behind the counter and were waiting for us.

Fourteen Years Ago (various places): We were offered repeated help from mechanics,friendly  strangers  and some great AAA guys in the effort of making our Alternators last us until we got back home to Houston.

Three Years Ago: I was repeatedly offered places to stay  during the course of my travels with AIM. The hospitality I was shown made a huge impact on me and the way I view the obligations of a Christian host.

Two Weeks Ago: The two kindly strangers who stopped to help us out on HWY 242 in Texas with, you guessed it, another flat tire.

– Brother Hildegeist. There isn’t a timeframe on this one since he was always a constant. Any time a family member or dear friend was in the hospital, we could count on Brother Hildegeist to stop by and visit, say a prayer and generally encourage us. He is the model on which I base all hospital ministry. His influence is something for which I’ll always be grateful.

Who are some people who have helped you out over the years? Have you thanked them lately?