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If you are like me the word “Unschooling” is a foreign concept- perhaps conjuring images barefoot hippies or screaming kids. (This image was given to me ironically by a friend who whole-heartedly believed in the principle. More recent research of mine doesn’t show this to be consistant with the unschooling community- though I admittedly still am in the dark about much of it.*)

Despite my lack of understanding when it comes to Unschooling I have found some very interesting articles on Unschooling and Math- showing a different angle of having younger children acquire math skills that would be good for children with and without learning difficulties.

Unschoolers and Mathematics

Zen and the Art of Unschooling

There are more links if you are interested in more stories of if these articles spark any ideas. Again, I don’t know about Unschooling as an option for primary education but I do believe in the inquisitive nature of children- especially among children with learning disabilities. We see the world differently which provides a great jumping-off spot for teaching about math (and social studies, and language arts and… well you get the idea).

Teach your children about the world as you see it! Experience it with them and they will be well-rounded and knowledgable about the world! I am constantly thankful for my mother’s insistence on introducing my sister and I to the world around us and her willingness to answer our incessant questions. I find more and more that I still hark back to those lessons to shape my worldview and inform my decisions- not to mention the early education those experiences gave me so that my later education built on.